DropBox – Free & Fabulous

I’m sure you will already know about DropBox, but in case you have been
a) hiding under a rock
b) without internet access
c) a parent of very small children

or some other tragic circumstance has prevented you from discovering its brilliance, here are the details just in case:

DropBox is a wonderful service which allows you to store files in the ‘cloud’ and sync them across multiple computers and devices automatically.

Some of its free features include:

  • 2GB storage
  • Public, Private and Shared folders
  • Restore previous versions of your files
  • Download files for offline viewing
  • Mobile access
  • Export files to other applications

For the paid service, you get up to 100GB of storage- it’s pretty amazing really!

Some of the ways I have used DropBox include:

  • Storing copies of my family’s passport details, so when trying to book flights from different computers, all the information is handy.
  • Sharing photos from events & conferences.
  • Working on common files for workshops.
  • Safeguarding important documents I cannot afford to lose.

So if you haven’t signed up for a DropBox account, you should do so – today!

1 thought on “DropBox – Free & Fabulous

  1. Love DropBox!! You can also get another 1 GB storage free when you encourage others to sign up (you get it when they do).

    Love the tip about passport details! Off to do that right now as I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks!


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