My Journey to Work

I was kindly tagged by Kim Cofino in this blog meme of sorts, (via Jess McCulloch) which involves documenting how you get to work. It’s an interesting one, because I love seeing the diverse lifestyles of my friends around the world – check out the journeys of Kim, Jess & Clint, by way of example.

The journey starts at the elevator, where my son Griffin (more often than not wearing only PJ top & underpants) waves us all goodbye. Scarlett, Miles & I love this part, because he makes us smile as we leave.

Then it’s into the car with Maggie (the Music teacher, who gets a ride with us).

Scarlett usually dictates the compulsory musical sing-along numbers each day. Today we started with Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream as sung by the Glee cast, so we pump up the volume and sing at the top of our lungs as we head onto the motorway. Maggie has come to learn that songs will usually be replayed ad nauseum. I’m just glad we’ve moved on from the Shrek album…

To our right as we drive is East Coast Park – the closest ‘beach’ (and I use the term loosely), and home of the East Coast Seafood Centre, where I have Chilli Crab (my personal favourite). I love the Brazilian Rain Trees that line the motorway – they are beautifully gnarled.

We pass a golf course or two on our commute.

This morning, we turned towards Tampines and all of a sudden the sky went dark – perhaps related to the Typhoon that went through Hong Kong yesterday?

It went from daylight to darkness very quickly. And then the rain came.

Finally we arrive at school.

We drive up through the main entrance and into the car park.

Scarlett & I walk up to the plaza, then turn left towards the Primary Library.

Books and friends await in the Primary Library.

Louise loves having her photo taken… She is sitting at the desks we share.

Finally! Time for a cup of tea and a tweet or two before school starts.

So that’s my journey – I hope to see journeys from Joel, Michael, Thomas, JessLouise, Megan, Tim, Colin, Ann, Melissa & anyone else who would care to share!


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